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September 10, 2009
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CBMU Program - Display by MediaDesign CBMU Program - Display by MediaDesign
UPDATE: I'm nearing the completion of this program. It does a lot more now, such as saving, loading and managing parameter files stored on the computer, flashing updates to the actual program on the control board (that was a BITCH to code), and, well, more (I haven't worked on it in a few months, can't remember exactly what's new). Anyway, here's a new display image. Shows nothing new, I actually made this last year for my portfolio for uni interviews. I figured it looked better.


Started about 2 months ago, this piece of software was built from scratch just by myself for a company.This utility connects to their products via an RS232 com port to send and receive data through it's very straightforward and clean interface.

Being the first time I have ever even attempted this kind of communication, I decided to use some familiar programs to get the job done. So, after hours upon hours of researching and experimenting, I figured out how to communcate data from Adobe Flash, to Visual Basic, to the control board, then back again.

Communication was a little complex since reading and writing data was done using a series of hexadecimal values, and since there isn't a whole lot of support for hex values in Visual Basic or Flash, a lot of converting was necessary.

Finally the moment came where I had successfully bridged the gaps between all programs, and had reading and writing happening flawlessly. Version 0.1 BETA features the ability to save and open preference files, complete with it's own file-type. Communication via remote GSM is under production.

a little bit of the reason I've had no time for icons!
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coreper Apr 6, 2010
looks awesome!
i love the colors!
Ah yes flash to vb, do alot of that shit at work pretty handy when you get the hang of it.
Yeah it's pretty simple, not really much to learn with it. It was everything else that was a pain in the ass :P
wow~ It look so cool.
I like the feeling and style.
Very Nice GUI, the technique you used also seems very interesting :D
GamerWorld14 Sep 15, 2009  Student Interface Designer
Great job, looks fantastic! :D
GamerWorld14 Sep 16, 2009  Student Interface Designer
Yeah, no problem! :D
Rahzizzle Sep 15, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
wow! It really looks professional! I hope you can market it well, best of luck!
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